Distro/Label Belgium

Filth-ear Mailorder and filth-ear label + prejudice productions label. Crust/ grindcore/ punk/ street-punk/ HC/ screamo/ gore-grind/ mincecore/ speedcore/ folkpunk/ emocore/ emo/ anarcho-punk/ noise/ punk-rock/ powerviolence. Vinyl, CD’s, tapes.

Day one Mailorder and label. HC/ crust/ grindcore/ mincecore/ crustcore/ trashcore/ powerviolence/ punk/ emo/ screamo/ grind/ nyhc/ metalcore/ anarcho-punk/ punkrock. Vinyl, CD’s, tapes, patches.

Complete control records Mailorder and label. HC. Vinyl, CD’s.

Heart on fire records Mailorder and label. Screamo/ grind/ grindcore/ hardcore/ post-hardcore/ crust/ punkrock/ emo/ punk/ metalcore. Vinyl, CD’s, zines.

Mashnote Label and zine.

Brokenrule Mailorder. Brokenrule basicly is the offspring of mashnote. HC/ anarcho-punk/ post-hardcore/ screamo/ punk/ grindcore/ fastcore/ crust/ emo. Vinyl, CD’s, shirts,  zines, buttons.

Still holding records Mailorder and label. HC/ skatecore/ NYHC/ fast hardcore/ hardcore-punk/ crustpunk/ grindcore. Vinyl, CD’s, zines.

 Anger management records Mailorder and label. HC. Vinyl, CD’s, zines, tapes, DVD’s, books, shirts.

Crap for the kids Mailorder. HC/ crust/ punkrock/ screamo/ grindcore/ powerviolence. Vinyl ( 7″ only ), CD’s, zines.

Demolition derby Store in Mechelen, mailorder and label. Punk/ HC/ garage/ 60′s/ 50′s/ rock&roll/ rockabilly/ surf. Vinyl, CD’s, zines, books.

 Drunkabilly records Mailorder and label. Psychobilly/ punkabilly/ punk’n’roll/ rockabilly/ neo-rockabilly/ rock’n’roll/ garage trash/ speedrock/ instro surf. Vinyl, CD’s, DVD’s. Patches, stickers, wallets, purses, buttons, shirts and sweaters on Monsterclothing.

Ghetto rock Mailorder and label. Punk/ streetpunk/ Oi!/ ska/ rockabilly/ psychobilly. Vinyl, CD’s, DVD’s, jackets, pants, shirts, girlies, shoes, skirts, dresses, patches, buttons, hair dye, hairpins, video’s, zines, books.

 Goodlife recordings Mailorder, label and webradio. HC/ metalcore/ grindcore. Vinyl, CD’s, DVD’s, video’s, shirts, sweaters, jackets.

I scream records Mailorder and label. Punk/ streetpunk/ NYHC/ HC/ Oi!. Vinyl, CD’s, DVD’s.

 Nabate records Label, concerts- and squatcaféslist.

Rocknrollradio Mailorder and label. Grindcore/ HC/ rock’n’roll/ glam/ punk/ ska/ dub/ screamo/ crust. Vinyl, CD’s.

Skanky’Lil music Mailorder, label and bookings. Ska/ rock’n’roll/ punkrock/ punk/ hardcore/ 2-tone. Vinyl, CD’s, DVD’s, buttons, patches, stickers, shirts, bottle openers.

Noise and distortion Mailorder and label. For mailorderlist you need to contact him. HC/ crust/ punk. Vinyl, CD’s.

Phyrrus Mailorder. HC/ punkrock/ emo/ trash/ grind/ Oi!/ metal/ punk/ garage/ surf/ hiphop. Vinyl, CD’s, DVD’s, video’s, buttons, shirts, sweaters, bags, wallets, patches, zines, books, belts, wristbands.

Tumult productions Mailorder and label. Grind/ HC/ grindcore/ mince-core/ crust/ metal. Vinyl, CD’s, tapes, DVD’s, video’s, shirts, patches.

Powered records Mailorder and label. HC. Vinyl, CD’s, shirts.

Svaveldioxid Mailorder and label. HC/ trash/ punk/ crust/ d-beat/ punkrock/ grindcore. Vinyl, CD’s, tapes.

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